General Hunting Tips

Transport Your Hunting Firearms Safely

In addition to following the 4 Essential Rules of Firearm Safety, remember these few simple guidelines to stay safe.


  • After checking—and double-checking—that the firearm is unloaded, pack it in a secure case before loading it into your vehicle. Pack the ammunition separately.
  • Store your gun in the back; you won’t need it until you arrive at your hunting location.
  • When you arrive, uncase your firearms. Wait to load your ammunition until you are away from the vehicle and ready to start your hunt.
  • Rest or go slowly to avoid careless mistakes that can happen when you’re overtired.
  • When crossing obstacles like streams or fences, unload your firearms and open the action so that you can move safely.
  • At the end of the hunt, unload firearms before approaching the vehicle, being sure to face away from others and point your muzzle in a safe direction. Check the safety and remove the ammunition before casing your firearm once again.

Watch this video below for more detail on the best ways to get to and from your hunt safely.

How To Safely Transport Firearms

Save your worries for finding the best game by transporting your firearms safely, both to and from your hunt.

Remember: Always load your brain before your load your gun. (In other words, keep your mind on what you are doing.).

What tips do you recommend for transporting your firearms?