‘I’m On a Boat’—Staying Safe When Using a Boat During a Hunt


You know how to handle your firearm in the field and at the shooting range, but are you ready for waterfowl season?

Transporting your firearms by boat comes with some extra precautions.

  • File a float plan. Adding water into the hunting mix means extra dangers. Make sure someone you trust knows where you are going and when you plan to be back.
  • Wear a life jacket. In the excitement, your boat may tip or swamp. Wearing a life jacket means you won’t have to worry if you get a little wet. Remember, a personal flotation device doesn’t have to be bulky and orange: inflatable life jackets are now available—yes, even with camouflage designs!
  • Load your gear with caution. If you’re with a partner, have that person get into the boat so you can hand the gear in. If you’re hunting alone, place all your gear into the boat while you’re still at the dock and on steady ground.
  • Balance your gear. Evenly distribute gear from bow to stern (front to back) and port to starboard (left to right) so the boat isn’t likely to tip. Use a boat that can handle the weight of you, your partner, your dog, and all your gear!

Get ready for all your hunting trips with the video below:

How To Safely Transport Firearms

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Which of these steps is hardest to remember? What do you do to ensure you stay safe?