General Hunting Tips

Hunting Safety Tips for a Dude Perfect Experience

Have you seen the Dude Perfect "Stereotypes: Hunting" video yet? It’s pretty funny—we recognized more than a few of those characters in our hunting buddies!

Here’s the video, in case you haven’t seen it:

But there are also some safety issues that are no laughing matter.

Always treat a firearm as if it is loaded! During the "Noisy Ned" clip, "Ned" holds his rifle by the barrel, pointing straight up at his face. Woah! Noise violations aren’t his only issue!


We also noticed that the guys in the “Noisy Ned” sketch aren’t wearing any blaze orange. Blaze orange is required by law in most states, and is always a good idea (except when turkey hunting). A hunter who can be seen by other hunters is more likely to be safe from accidents.


Someone needs to tell “The Noob” he needs to wear shooting glasses! Even if he’s not ready for the recoil, his vision will be a lot better protected.


Woah! The “Sky Blaster” sketch is funny, but he’d make a terrible hunting buddy. That kind of indiscriminate shooting is very irresponsible.


It looks like the birdwatcher who ticks off “the Rage Monster” is also in danger: He’s not wearing a tree stand safety harness. Falls are the most common cause of serious injury or death. You should always be connected to the tree, from the moment you leave the ground until you come back down, even in a ladder-style stand.


Another violation of the 4 Rules of Firearm Safety: Watch that muzzle! Even though it’s only for a second, these guys in the “Box for a Bird” sketch put their buddies in danger—the rifle is pointed right at the guy on the left! You have to keep control of your gun, even if you’re just walking across a field.

watch that muzzle!

Plus, all throughout the video, the firearm hunters aren’t wearing hearing or eye protection! Perhaps they need to reach out to “Buy It All Bob” to see if he can pick up some clear glasses and earmuffs.

everyone needs hearing and eye protection!

And “Safety Orange Sammy” may have gone a little overboard, but we like his style! At least he’ll be easy to spot in the field.

We like Safety Orange Sammy!

Overall, we thought the “Stereotypes: Hunting” video was right on point, except for those safety issues. If the Dude Perfect guys ever want to brush up on their hunter education, they just need to let us know—we’d be happy to get them started on a hunter safety course!