General Hunting Tips

Hunter Tip: Use the Right Choke for Your Hunt

A shotgun choke modifies the spread of the shot in order to gain better range, shot pattern, and accuracy. Which choke should you use?

There are three main types of chokes: full, improved cylinder, and modified.

A full choke creates a small, dense pellet pattern and carries a tighter spread at a further distance. An improved cylinder choke has a wider, less dense pattern, but isn’t effective at longer ranges. The modified choke falls between the other two, both in shot density and range.

The type of game you are pursuing and the type and size of shot you are using will determine which choke you need. For example, you can use an improved or modified choke when hunting doves, pheasant, or quail. If you are turkey hunting, a full or extra-full choke would be best.

Most modern shotguns come with screw-in choke tubes so you can change them out easily. The most important thing is to select a choke that will allow you to be effective in your shot. Take into consideration the range at which you’ll be shooting and the game that you are after.

Your distance from the target determines the choke you need. To learn more, check out these shotgun choke tips from Bass Pro.