General Hunting Tips

Hunter Tip: Stand Out With Blaze Orange

The number one best and easiest way to stay safe while hunting big game, small game, or upland birds is to wear blaze orange. And in many states, it’s the law. Watch the video below to pick the best blaze orange for your hunt.

Wearing blaze orange is the best way to ensure other hunters don’t accidentally mistake you for game. The more you wear, the more visible you’ll be. As the video shows, wearing a blaze orange jacket and hat provides far more visibility than a vest or hat alone, and that’s far better than any old orange shirt you have lying around.

Don’t worry about distracting game with your fluorescent orange hat, vest, or jacket: Deer can’t see it. In fact, hunters who wear blaze orange report better hunts, because they can see other hunters and fan out.

And you can probably leave that blaze orange blazer at home.