General Hunting Tips

Hunter Tip: How to Safely Cross a Fence With Your Firearm

You may encounter many things while out in the field for your hunt—including man-made obstacles like barbed wire fences—and it’s important that you know how to safely cross.

If you encounter a fence when you’re hunting alone, follow these steps:

  1. Unload your firearm.
  2. Protect your muzzle.
  3. Place the firearm under the fence, pointed away from you.
  4. Cross the fence without damaging it.
  5. Pick up your rifle, reload, and check the safety again.

The process is similar when you’re traveling with a friend.

  1. Unload the firearms, pointing the muzzles away from each other.
  2. One person gives the firearms to the other person.
  3. The person without the firearms crosses the fence (taking care not to damage it).
  4. Both firearms are handed across the fence to the first person who crossed.
  5. The second person crosses the fence safely.
  6. After both hunters are safely across, return the firearms to the proper owner. Be sure to verbally acknowledge you have control of the firearm (with a “thank you” or “got it”) before the other person lets go!
  7. Turn back to back, check the safety, and reload—then enjoy your hunt!

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