General Hunting Tips

Hunter Tip: Clearing a Plugged Gun Barrel

You keep your firearm in top condition … until you stumble in the mud. How can you quickly clear the gunk out of your gun barrel and get back on the hunt?

  1. First, get to safe footing.
  2. Open the action and unload your gun.
  3. Remove the barrel according to manufacturer's guidelines.
  4. Pull the portable cleaning rod out of your hunting kit, and use it to push the mud or other debris out of the barrel from the breech end.
  5. Flip your rod around and use the other end to polish your barrel with a cloth.

Now that your barrel is clear, reassemble your firearm and get back to the hunt!

Remember, certain carry positions provide better protection against brush and other debris that could clog your barrel. Make sure you are carrying your firearm in a way that is safe for you, your companions, and the terrain.