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Alaska Boating Fatalities Statistics

  • Three out of four are powerboats
  • Nine out of 10 occur in under 26 feet of water
  • Nine out of 10 victims are adult males
  • Five out of six due to the boat capsizing or the person falling overboard

Twelve Water-Related Problems

For each problem listed, think what situation might lead to the problem and what safety measures should be taken.

  1. Loading, overloading, or improper balance of boats
  2. Alcohol or drugs
  3. Inexperience, unfamiliarity with equipment
  4. Standing up in a boat
  5. Equipment failure
  6. Inappropriate equipment
  7. Unsafe firearm handling
  8. Misuse or non-use of PFDs
  9. Unsecured or improperly secured equipment
  10. Wading accidents
  11. Falling through ice
  12. Weather
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