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Resource managers can use hunting tools to control resources. Because of this, less efficient hunting tools such as blackpowder rifles and bows have separate seasons in certain Game Management Units.

This example demonstrates that more efficient hunting tools limit hunting opportunities.

  • Hunters in Alaska can use a centerfire rifle, muzzleloading rifle, bow (crossbow), or handgun to take big game.
    • The centerfire rifle may be able to take a caribou or moose at 200 yards.
    • The muzzleloading rifle is only effective to about 100 yards.
    • A bowhunter must be within 15 to 30 yards of the game for a successful hit.
    • This means that the hunter with the centerfire rifle is more likely to succeed than either of the other hunters.
  • As an example, a resource manager may determine that 25 moose may be removed from the herd.
    • The manager knows that about 25 out of 100 centerfire rifle hunters will succeed.
    • The muzzleloading hunters will be less successful—it may take 125 hunters to take the same 25 moose.
    • The numbers taken by bowhunters will be even smaller, so perhaps even 250 bowhunters could hunt the same game.
    • More hunters can hunt when a hunting tool is more difficult to use.
    • This means a more efficient hunting tool results in fewer hunting opportunities.
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