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When hunting in a group, hunters should shoot only at game in front of them.

  • When hunting birds or small game, follow these rules.
    • If three hunters are walking side by side hunting pheasants, the hunter in the center will shoot at birds flushed in the middle that fly straight away. The other hunters will shoot at birds flying toward their end of the line.
    • If a bird turns and flies back across the line of hunters, it’s best if all three hold their swings and do not fire. The same is true of a rabbit scurrying back between the hunters.
  • When using an elevated stand or ground blind:
    • A hunter must notify all other hunters in the group before moving from the stand location.
    • Changing locations changes the safe zone-of-fire not only for that hunter but also for the rest of the hunters in the group.
  • When shooting at running or fast-moving game:
    • Use extreme caution.
    • Shoot only within your zone-of-fire.
    • Only shoot when you are sure you can make an effective shot.
  • No hunter, especially when swinging on game, should allow his or her gun to point at a person. Better to pass up a shot than risk injuring someone or damaging property.
  • Only one hunter should aim at a target. Also, hunters should shoot only if there is an adequate backstop. Don't shoot at a "skylined" animal.
  • Everyone hunting in these situations should wear daylight fluorescent orange whether it’s required by law or not.
Unsafe shot: Both hunters aiming while one hunter is in front of the other
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