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Nebraska residents 16 years of age or older must have the permits and stamps required for the game species being hunted or trapped. The same Habitat Stamp will work for all species but must be purchased annually or for your lifetime.

To Hunt: You Must Have:
Antelope Antelope Permit and Habitat Stamp
Deer Deer Permit and Habitat Stamp
Elk Elk Permit and Habitat Stamp
Furbearers Fur Harvest Permit* and Habitat Stamp*
Mountain (Bighorn) Sheep Mountain (Bighorn) Sheep Permit and Habitat Stamp
Turkey Turkey Permit and Habitat Stamp
Upland Game, Migratory and Non-Migratory Hunt Permit and Habitat Stamp
Waterfowl Hunt Permit, Habitat Stamp, Nebraska Waterfowl Stamp, and Federal Migratory Bird Stamp

*Required for hunting or trapping furbearers

Non-residents also must meet the permit and stamp requirements as given on the Nebraska GPC website. 

Permits and stamps for residents and non-residents are available from:

Information on permit and stamp fees is included in the Nebraska Hunting Guide

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