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In addition to following the other safety guidelines for hunting from an elevated stand, crossbow hunters have guidelines specific to their equipment. When crossbow hunting from an elevated stand:

  • Secure all arrows in a quiver attached to your crossbow. The quiver should have a hood that covers the broadheads of the arrows.
  • Cock the crossbow at the base of the tree or stand—but do not load an arrow. Then, tie it to your haul line so that the haul line is away from the trigger.
  • Once you are securely in the stand, pull up the crossbow and load it.
  • After you make a shot:
    • You may cock the crossbow in the stand only if you have a cocking device that does not require you to lean over to cock the bow.
    • If you do not have a cocking device, you must lower the crossbow with your haul line, cock it on the ground, and haul it back to the stand.
    • Never lean over to cock a crossbow in an elevated stand.
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