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Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificates are available for persons at least 12 years of age who want to go hunting and see if they like it before they take a hunter education course.

Persons 12 through 29 years of age who have not completed a hunter education course must carry an Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate while hunting.  

  • An exemption certificate is available only once during a person’s lifetime.
  • The certificate expires on December 31 and may be renewed only once.
  • The fee is $5.
  • Any person carrying an exemption certificate must be accompanied by a licensed “experienced” hunter who is at least 19 years of age. The experienced hunter:
    • Must have certification from an approved hunter education course if he or she is 19 through 29 years of age.
    • May not accompany more than two persons with exemption certificates at the same time.
    • Must always be in unaided visual and verbal contact with the apprentice hunters.
Experienced hunter instructing beginner
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