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Hunters should always check for a safe backstop before shooting.

  • Make sure the backstop is:
    • Solid enough to capture fired bullets and…
    • Constructed of a material that will not let the projectile ricochet.
  • Remember that projectiles can travel for long distances. Here are some examples.
    • A .22-caliber bullet can travel over 1½ miles.
    • A centerfire bullet can travel several miles.
    • Small shot can travel 200–350 yards.
    • Larger shot can travel over 600 yards.
    • Slugs can travel over 800 yards.
  • Be sure of the target and what is in front of it and beyond it. Making sure you have a safe backstop helps ensure that the projectile cannot hit an unintended target. If you cannot see what lies beyond the target, do not take the shot.
Hunter aiming at unsafe target
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