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Fixed broadhead arrow

Electronic calls are prohibited when hunting game birds, turkey, and elk.

Live decoys are prohibited when hunting game birds.

Semi-automatic firearms may be used for hunting big game but must not hold more than six cartridges or shotshells.

Sights on any hunting equipment must not:

  • Project any visible light beam to the target or…
  • Use electricity to amplify the natural light.

Big game may not be hunted within 200 yards of an area where bait has been placed within the last 60 days.

When hunting antelope, deer, elk, or mountain (bighorn) sheep with a bow and arrows or a spear during archery season, these restrictions apply. 

  • The arrow or spear must not contain poison or any stupefying chemical.
  • The arrowhead or spear tip must:
    • Be sharpened and…
    • Have a blade with a radius of at least 7/16" from the center of the shaft and…
    • Not have an explosive tip.
  • Spears must be thrown by hand.

Non-Toxic Shot

You must use non-toxic shot when hunting any game species with a shotgun in:

  • Waterfowl production areas or…
  • National wildlife refuges or…
  • Posted state wildlife management areas.

While hunting waterfowl, all shotgun shells that you are using or have in your possession must be loaded with or contain non-toxic shot only. Any other type of shot is illegal.

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