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Field dressing large game diagram

Here are some additional tips for dressing large game.

  • Because it’s harder to move larger animals, you may need to skin and quarter the animal to pack it out, particularly in a remote area.
  • If you’re unable to hang the animal for skinning, begin by making a lengthwise cut and removing one side of the hide. Then turn the animal onto the skinned hide, and skin the other side.
  • To keep dirt off the meat, use the inside of the removed hide as a protective mat as you quarter the animal.
  • Put each quarter in a game sack and attach the sacks to a backpack frame for the hike out.


Because the hide acts as an insulator, warm weather will require the hide to be removed from the animal as soon as possible. An effective technique for prepping the hide for removal is called “knuckling.”

  • Starting in the chest area, insert your fingers between the hide and meat and work your hand under the hide to break it free from the connective tissue.
  • Continue around the entire carcass going as far as you can reach.
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