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Iowa harvest transport tag

Iowa has two-part deer and turkey tags.

  • The Harvest Report Tag is the top part. Attach it after reporting your deer or turkey harvest.
  • The Transportation Tag is the bottom part. Attach it within 15 minutes of harvest and before you move the deer or turkey.

Attach the Transportation Tag as follows.

  • Notch the month/day of harvest at the bottom of the tag.
  • Remove the adhesive backing.
  • Attach the tag to the animal.
    • For deer with no antlers, cut a slit through the hide on one hind leg between the hock tendon and the leg bone. Then securely fasten the tag around the hock tendon directly above the ankle joint.
    • For deer with antlers, attach the tag to the antlers on the main beam between two points.
    • For turkeys, attach the tag securely around one leg.
  • Press the halves of the tag together, and make sure the hunter’s name, registration number, and date of harvest are readable.
Tagging an anterless deer in Iowa

Anterless Deer

Tagging an antlered deer in Iowa

Antlered Deer

Tagging a turkey in Iowa


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