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Several coyotes in a field, AR-15 calibers for hunting concept.

3 AR-15 Calibers for Hunting 3 Types of Game

The AR-15 has become one of the most popular firearms in America, primarily due to its versatility, ease of use, and military look. It has even been adopted by hunters, who have embraced the AR as their rifle of choice in the field. There are…

A coyote watches, when animals attack hunters concept.

Hunter Safety: What to Do When Animals Attack Hunters

Most of us go into the hunting woods each year concerned with safety. We keep our chambers empty, safeties on, and full-body harnesses for hunting from tree stands cinched and buckled tight. In Texas, many hunters wear snake-proof chaps or gaiters to thwart rattlesnakes –…

A wide angle shot of open land, hunting is conservation concept.

How Hunting is Conservation: A Video

Hunting is a responsibility and a privilege. How hunters approach tracking and killing animals for food is crucial not only to the longevity of legal hunting but also to the longevity of some species we hunt and the land on which we hunt. However, those who…