Video: Hunting is Conservation


The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation created this incredible video. It's a reminder of the important responsibility of each and every hunter to ensure wildlife and their habitats persist for the next generation. How do you support conservation, hunter?

UPDATE: What Should Theresa Vail Have Done?

Hunting Lifestyle

Theresa Vail, star of the Outdoor Channel show “Limitless With Theresa Vail,” accidentally shot a bear while hunting in Alaska and then conspired with her Alaska guides to cover it up by improperly tagging the animal, Alaska State Troopers said. Vail was charged with two…

Blaze Orange Regulations for Every State


Wearing Blaze orange, also known as “fluorescent” or “hunter” orange is required when hunting in most states. Blaze orange keeps you safe in the field by ensuring you are visible to other hunters. Make sure to check your state regulations before you hit the woods.