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Transcript for Entering a Vehicle Review

Steve: If you answered “store his firearm safely,” you are correct. Did you also notice that the hunters were using inappropriate field carry positions when returning to the truck? Their muzzles were pointing towards the vehicle, in which the third hunter was sitting. In addition, the hunter in the passenger seat got into the truck without making his firearm safe and casing it properly. Thankfully, the others quickly noticed their friend’s mistake. The hunter then safely removes his firearm from the truck, unloads the firearm, and makes it safe. He then makes his way to the back of the truck and properly cases his firearm.

Let’s take a look at how Day 3 should have ended. Upon returning to the vehicle, our hunters perform the necessary safety checks to ensure their firearms are unloaded and made safe. They then correctly case their firearms in the back of the truck. Remember, it is your responsibility to know the local laws and regulations when transporting firearms by any vehicle.

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the final scenario and have now completed your third hunt day.

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