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Transcript for Trigger Guard Review

Amber: If you chose “all of the above,” you are correct. Each of these items is extremely important to take into consideration when hunting in heavy brush. Let’s review this scenario once more, but this time we’ll see what our hunter should have done before entering the heavy brush on his hunt. This time he first unloads his firearm before entering the woods. He makes sure his firearm is safe and then proceeds. Even though his firearm is now safe, he still covers his trigger guard. This is great practice and will create good habits for future hunts.

Then, when he gets out of the woods and clear from the brush, he reloads his firearm. By taking the initial safety step to unload and to ensure your trigger guard is covered at all times, we’ll prevent a potentially fatal accident from happening.

Congratulations! You have made it through the Trigger Guard scenario of Hunt Day 2. Only one more to go.

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