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Transcript for Ground Blinds Intro

Steve: It’s the end of Day 2, and we’re going to check in with a hunter who has set up a ground blind for a deer hunt. Let’s watch and see what happens.

As we can see, our hunter is wearing full blaze orange, so he can easily be seen when in the woods. Before entering his camouflaged ground blind, he makes his firearm safe and places it on the ground with the muzzle pointed away from him. He then enters the ground blind and is completely hidden.

A second hunter, who is hunting for deer as well, is stalking through the same area where the ground blind hunter is located. As he moves closer to the hunter in the ground blind, he comes across a deer. Because the ground blind hunter is completely hidden, the second hunter takes aim at the deer and pulls the trigger, not realizing there was another hunter in his line of fire.

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