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Ear and eye protection

Shooting a firearm can cause immediate and permanent hearing loss and can damage your vision.

  • Shooting a firearm creates a loud noise. To protect your hearing, always wear properly fitting ear protection.
    • For target practice, use an earplug or earmuff (or both) with a high Noise Reduction Rating (NRR).
    • When hunting, use electronic or non-linear devices that allow normal or even enhanced hearing but block damaging levels of sound.
    • For more information, visit the National Hearing Conservation Association website.
  • Not only does shooting a firearm send the projectile(s) downrange, but it also discharges small particles from the projectile, burning gas, and other residue. Also a shell could rupture or your firearm could malfunction.
    • When shooting, always wear suitable eye protection, such as shooting glasses with high-impact lenses, to protect your eyes.
    • Wear eye protection also whenever disassembling or cleaning a firearm.
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