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Firearm storage closet

Firearms must be stored unloaded and in a locked location, separate from ammunition.

  • The storage area should be cool, clean, and dry. Storing firearms in closed gun cases or scabbards isn’t recommended because moisture can accumulate.
  • Store guns horizontally, or with the muzzle pointing down. When guns are stored upright, gravity pulls gun oil downward into the action, which forms a sticky film. Oil also can drain onto the stock, softening the wood.
  • Displaying guns in glass cabinets or wall racks is an invitation to thieves and curious children.
    • If guns are stored in an accessible area, such as a closet, put a locking device on each one.
    • Ideally, guns should be hidden from view and locked. Storage devices with hidden compartments are available. For the best protection against theft and fire damage, purchase a safe.
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