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Legal shooting time is during daylight hours or as prescribed by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission. In general, if you can see well enough to shoot safely, you are legal. Taking wild animals or birds by moonlight or artificial light is illegal—except for raccoons, reptiles, and other mammals, as specified in Commission Rule R12-4-304, Lawful Methods for Taking Wild Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles. Other time requirements apply for migratory birds.

No person may take wildlife, except aquatic wildlife, or discharge a firearm, or shoot any other device from a motor vehicle—including an automobile, aircraft, train, or powerboat—or from a sailboat, boat under sail, or a floating object towed by powerboat or sailboat, except as expressly permitted by the commission.

No person may knowingly discharge any firearm or shoot any other device upon, from, across, or into a road or railway.

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