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Course Outline

  1. Taking Wildlife Without a License (A.R.S. 17-331)
  2. Taking Wildlife During Closed Season, After Legal Hours, or With Aid of Artificial Light (A.R.S. 17-309a11)
  3. Exceeding Bag and/or Possession Limit (A.R.S. 17-309a15)
  4. Possessing Unlawfully Taken Wildlife (A.R.S. 17-309a17)
  5. Tagging Big Game Improperly (A.R.S. 17-309a1) (R12-4-302)
  6. Taking Game From a Vehicle (A.R.S. 17-301b)
  7. Obtaining a License or Permit by Fraud (A.R.S. 17-341)
  8. Taking Wildlife With a Prohibited Device or by an Unlawful Method (A.R.S. 17-309a1) (R-12-4-304b3e)
  9. Shooting Too Close to an Occupied Building or Residence (A.R.S. 17-309a4)
  10. Littering While Taking Wildlife (A.R.S. 17-309a9)
  11. Shooting Across a Road (A.R.S. 17-301b)
  12. Taking Protected Species
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