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Little to no state general fund monies are used for wildlife conservation in Arizona. (General taxpayers usually do not pay for wildlife conservation.) The state’s sportsmen, however, do contribute.

  • Arizona hunters and anglers spend $1.3 billion a year. Their spending directly supports 21,000 jobs and generates $124 million in state and local taxes. This especially benefits rural communities.
  • Sportsmen support nearly twice as many jobs in Arizona as Raytheon, one of the state’s largest employers (21,000 jobs vs. 11,000 jobs).
  • Annual spending by Arizona sportsmen is nearly three times more than the combined revenues of firms such as GoDaddy Inc., Sprouts Farmers Market Inc., Cold Stone Creamery, etc., which are some of the state’s fastest growing companies ($1.3 billion vs. $481 million).
  • The economic stimulus of hunting and fishing equates to $3.8 million a day being pumped into the state’s economy.

Source: Hunting and Fishing: Bright Stars of the American Economy ~ A force as big as all outdoors (2007). Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation.

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