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You have probably encountered other hunters who want to hunt in the same area where you are. You even may have had a negative encounter with another hunter when deciding who was going to stay and hunt. Here are some important ethical tips to keep in mind.

  • Public and state lands belong to everyone, and everyone should enjoy free and equal access.
  • Ethically responsible hunters respect other hunters' privileges and will always yield to another hunter who has reached the hunting area first.
  • Posting a sign or notice on or near a hunting area does not give anyone the exclusive right to hunt in that area. The hunter actually needs to be present.
  • Placing a tree stand near an area does not give a person exclusive rights to that area. It may be unlawful to leave tree stands or blinds for extended periods of time. They may be considered abandoned property and be subject to seizure.
  • “First come, first served” is a common courtesy that should be used when more than one person wants to hunt in the same area, regardless of who has a tree stand or blind in the area.
  • The Arizona Game and Fish Department reminds all hunters that confrontations in hunting situations can involve firearms and hot tempers. Any threats, intimidation, assault, or disorderly conduct can result in citations, arrests, and/or jail time. Please do not allow yourself to get into a confrontation. Ethical hunting is everyone's business.
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