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Popular upland birds that are found across the country include turkeys, pheasants, grouse, and quail. The term “upland” refers to where they are often found.

The basic shape of upland birds is similar to chickens. They also have short rounded wings that are good for short flights and strong legs that are good for running.

Most male upland birds have more colorful feathers than females. The female’s plain feathers help her provide camouflage cover for her nest.

Northern Bobwhite

Brown; male with white eyebrow and throat, dark streak across eyes; female with buff-colored eyebrow and throat.

Habitat and Habits: Lives in fields, farmlands, and open woodlands. Makes a wide variety of calls, including “bob-white.” Nests in ground; 12–14 white eggs.

  • State Hunting License required
Bobwhite Quail


Ruffed Grouse

Brown to grayish-brown, with black ruffs (sides of neck). Chicken-like in form with slight crest.

Habitat and Habits: Lives in forests with dense undergrowth and brushy areas. Alarm call is a sharp “quit-quit”; female makes soft clucking sound. Nests under brush; 9–12 buff-colored eggs.

  • State Hunting License required
Ruffed grouse

Ruffed Grouse

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