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Padded, Soft-Sided Case

Material: Canvas, nylon, neoprene, polyester, or leather


  • Light, easy to handle and store
  • Many designs accommodate scoped rifles
  • Offered in camouflage
  • Waterproof and floating cases available for duck hunters
  • Less costly than hard cases


  • Less protection than hard-sided cases
Padded, soft-sided case

Lockable, Hard-Sided Case

Material: Aluminum or composite


  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Meets airline standards
  • Can include deep foam padding that holds firearm in place and cushions impact
  • Composite models can be molded to fit firearm
  • Available in waterproof models


  • Bulkier and costlier than soft-sided cases
Lockable, hard-sided case

Gun Sock

Material: Durable stretch fabric (polyester/acrylic) or soft pile materials


  • Lightweight protection from dust, dirt, and moisture
  • Offered in camouflage
  • Often used as a second case to carry a firearm from a vehicle into a hunting area


  • Minimal protection from elements or impact
Gun sock
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