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Flushing involves using noise, movement, or dogs to cause game to become nervous and leave cover.

  • Pause frequently when attempting to flush game.
  • When you vary your pace, your quarry may think it has been detected and be more likely to leave cover.


There are several breeds of dogs that can be used for hunting different game species. Some dogs can be used to hunt several types of game animals.

  • Pointers are used primarily for upland game birds.
  • Retrievers are large, hearty dogs used primarily to retrieve waterfowl; they also can be trained to hunt other game birds.
  • Spaniels are used mainly as flushers.
  • Hunting hounds are used to hunt raccoons and rabbits in the Southeast, mountain lions and bears in the West, and deer in some states.
Hunting dog

A trained hunting dog can be an excellent hunting partner.

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