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Never carry your hunting equipment up or down the tree with you as you climb. Always use a haul line.

  • Before attaching the haul line to your hunting equipment:
    • If using a firearm, unload it, and open the action.
    • If using a bow, put the arrows in a covered quiver secured to the bow.
  • Use a haul line of heavy cord attached to your stand to bring up your hunting equipment or to lower it prior to climbing down from your stand.
    • If using a firearm, attach the haul line to the firearm's sling so that the firearm hangs with the muzzle pointed down.
    • If using a bow, attach the haul line so that the arrow fletching points down when raising your equipment and points up when lowering it.
  • Slip the end of the haul line through your belt—leave it untied so that it can pull free if you fall. Put on your FAS full-body harness, secure yourself to the tree, and climb to your stand.
  • After you are in the stand and secure, haul up your hunting equipment, and untie the haul line.
Hunter using haul line to haul rifle up to elevated stand
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