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Bowstringer: The safe and easy way to string a recurve bow or longbow is to use a bowstringer.

  • The push-pull or step-through method can be hazardous to yourself or your bow.
  • A bowstringer is simply a strong cord with a loop or pocket at each end that fits over the limb tip of recurve bows and some longbows. By standing on the loose middle of the cord after it’s attached to the tips, the limbs can be flexed as the handle is pulled. This allows the bowstring to be slipped safely into place.
Hunter using bowstringer to string bow

Bow Press: To replace compound bowstrings, you must use a bow press. A bow press is used to place and hold tension on the limbs, allowing the strings to be changed. Inexperienced bowhunters should have a qualified dealer or individual replace the string on a compound bow.

Bow press in use
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