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Elevated stands can be tree stands placed in or against trees, or freestanding structures. They have become increasingly popular in recent years with both firearm and bow hunters. While they offer certain advantages, they also have some drawbacks, including safety issues.

Advantages: Provide a wider field of vision—game is spotted sooner than at ground level. Allow time to plan for best shot through earlier detection of game. Position a hunter above the animal’s normal field of vision. Make a hunter’s scent harder to detect and movement less noticeable. Make a hunter more visible to other hunters. Provide a good backstop since shooting at a downward angle.

Disadvantages: Increase risk of injury from falling. Can be difficult to carry, especially large, portable stands. Provide no protection from cold or wind. Give little room for movement. Increase the difficulty of estimating distance and decrease the size of the kill zone due to downward angle.