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Hunters transporting game animal

Before you transport game in Missouri, be sure you use the correct permit (deer or turkey) and notch the month and date of the harvest immediately after verifying the animal is dead.

  • Keep your animal separate or easily identifiable from another person’s animal. You are the only person who can possess or transport the animal until it is reported through the Telecheck Harvest Reporting System.
  • If the animal is not in your immediate presence (for example, you leave to go find help or get a vehicle), you must place the permit on the animal. The permit must include your full name, your address, and date taken.
  • Keep the animal intact until after you have reported your animal through the Telecheck system. For deer, you can report a field-dressed carcass. For turkey, you must have the head and plumage.
  • You are required to report the animal through the Telecheck system by 10 p.m. on the day taken. The Telecheck confirmation number must be recorded immediately on the permit.
  • Once you have reported the animal through the Telecheck system, the animal can be possessed, transported, and stored by anyone when labeled with the permit. The permit must include your full name, your address, date taken, and Telecheck confirmation number.
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