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Shooting ranges provide you with a safe place to shoot your firearm when you follow the rules for shooting a particular firearm safely.

  • These ranges are designed to trap and contain rounds properly shot at targets.
  • The Missouri Department of Conservation has firearm and archery ranges located around the state, and most are free to use. Numerous commercial and community ranges are available also.
  • When planning to shoot at a department range, be aware of the following.
    • These ranges are bull’s-eye target ranges built primarily to support hunter sighting-in, hunter proficiency, and traditional sport shooting.
    • Due to the design of these ranges, rapid or automatic firing is not allowed.
    • Cartridges must be less than a .50-caliber BMG.
    • No tracer, incendiary, armor-piercing, exploding, or other high-penetration or fire-producing projectiles may be fired.
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