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Two hunters unsafely pointing the muzzles of their firearms at each other while putting them in the vehicle
  • The four main types of hunting-related shooting incidents are:
    • Hunter Judgment Mistakes, such as mistaking another person for game or not checking the foreground or background before firing
    • Safety Rule Violations, including pointing the muzzle in an unsafe direction and ignoring proper procedures for crossing a fence, obstacle, or difficult terrain
    • Lack of Control and Practice, which can lead to accidental discharges and stray shots
    • Mechanical Failure, such as an obstructed barrel or improper ammunition
  • From the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF) 2007 Industry Intelligence Reports, these are the most common causes of hunting incidents:
    • Failure to identify the target (15.5%)
    • Shooter swinging on game (12.8%)
    • Careless handling of a firearm (11.4%)
    • Victim out of sight of the shooter (8.3%)
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