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Binoculars, license, breakfast …

Rob tests an animal call.


Grunt call. Right. My cell phone.

Now Rob is at a tree stand.


Do you remember the quickest and quietest way to get our gear up into the stand? It’s the haul line. A firearm needs to be secured a certain way. Never hoist a loaded rifle or shotgun into your tree stand. Never hoist a capped muzzleloader into your tree stand. And always keep the firearm pointed away from you. OK. A little help here?

Rob turns to the person holding the camera. Carabiners—belt—leg attachments—straps—tether. Each item checked, Rob begins to scale the tree stand. The cameraman taps him on the shoulder.


Oh, yeah. Three-point climbing.

In the tree stand, Rob points to a buck below and draws his bow.

On screen: YOU CHOOSE THE ENDING – ROB FALLS or ROB GETS DEER. A cursor selects ROB FALLS. Rob steps off the platform and is caught by his Fall Arrest System.


Oh, wow. OK. That was a little embarrassing. Keep your legs moving, though, so you can’t get blood pooling in them, which could cause my heart to work overtime. Not being able to pump blood back to the heart starves it of oxygen. And that could cause a heart attack. Always replace your tether line after a fall.

Rob climbs back onto the platform.


OK, that wasn’t so bad. It’s a good thing I had my fall arrest system on, though. Deer’s gone now. Great.

On screen, the cursor selects ROB GETS DEER.

Rob sees the buck approach and draws his bow.

Rob, whispering loudly

The horns are kind of crooked.

Rob draws and shoots, striking the deer.


OK. So waiting for the right shot and angle, that’s key. All right. We’re going to give him some time, and then we’ll go track him.

Rob climbs down from the tree stand.


So you know when you’ve had a successful hunt? It’s when you can do this.

Rob dials the phone.


Hey, honey. I’m coming home. See? Using tree stands can be safe when you follow the simple advice. Then you can hunt safely for years to come.

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