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Hunters transporting game animal

When transporting game:

  • Keep the dressed game cool and free of insects.
  • Be sure to keep proper “evidence of sex” if required by your game laws.

Most hunters take their game to a commercial meat cooler, where a typical white-tailed deer can be properly aged up to three or four days at 40° Fahrenheit.

Maine Registration and Transportation Requirements

Here are the Maine requirements for registering and transporting certain game animals.

  • If you kill a bear, deer, moose, or wild turkey, you must register the animal at the first open registration station for that animal. For more details, refer to the Maine hunting regulations.
  • While you are transporting a harvested bear, deer, moose, or wild turkey, you must keep the animal open to view until it has been registered. According to the Maine regulations, “open to view” means the animal:
    • Is not concealed and…
    • Can be readily observed in whole or in part from outside the vehicle or trailer being used to transport the animal.
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