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Many states require a bowhunter education course to hunt legally with archery equipment. Even if not required, taking a course will give you an excellent start to becoming a safe and skillful bowhunter.

Before practicing or hunting, an archer must examine each arrow to make certain there are no cracks or breaks in the shaft and that the nock is in good condition. A cracked or broken nock can be replaced, but a shaft that has cracks or breaks should be discarded.

Never use a cracked arrow. The shaft may shatter on release and be driven into the shooter’s wrist or arm. Some common types of damage to look for are:

  • Cracks and splinters in wood arrows
  • Creases, dents, or cracks in aluminum arrows
  • Crushed sidewalls on fiberglass or graphite arrows
Safe broadhead quiver types
Always keep broadheads in a covered quiver.