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Muzzleloader Accuracy - Firearm, Load, Marksmanship

Accuracy relies on marksmanship, the firearm, and the load. If one element is weaker than the others, the others must be improved to get the same results. As with selecting the correct firearm, determining the correct load for the game you’re hunting makes the difference between making a clean kill and wounding game.

The correct load is the combination of firing elements that delivers enough energy and bullet performance for accurate shooting—and if you’re hunting, that means the shot results in a clean kill.

Selecting an Effective Load

A responsible muzzleloader hunter chooses a load that shoots accurately and drives a large, heavy bullet at sufficient velocity to make sure that both lungs can be penetrated by a broadside shot at a range of up to 125 yards. Such bullets retain greater kinetic energy than round balls, improving the likelihood of a clean kill.

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