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Muzzleloader Frizzen Guard

You should never rely on a safety to protect you or others—even a mechanical safety can fail. Do not use a safety as a substitute for safe firearm handling.

  • As a general rule, it is not recommended to use a gun that does not have a mechanical safety. However, many muzzleloading firearms have no mechanical safety, and additional steps are required to keep the gun as safe as possible.
  • The only way to guard against an accidental discharge is to carry the firearm unprimed until ready to shoot. Also, take these additional precautions.
    • On a percussion lock muzzleloader, keep the hammer down on a faucet washer nipple protector.
    • On a flintlock muzzleloader, keep the flintlock open and the cock down. A cover made of leather also is often placed over the frizzen.
  • Never rely upon the half-cock hammer position, or half-cock notch, which is not a substitute for a safety device.
  • Always follow the manufacturers’ recommendations for the use, storage, and transportation of powder, caps/primers, and firearms.
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