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A sight is a device designed to improve aim by aligning the barrel with the shooter’s line of sight. Sights are more critical on a firearm that fires a single projectile (rifle and handgun) than on a firearm that shoots a pattern of shot (shotgun). Firearm sights are located on top of the barrel.

  • Open Sight: The sight on the front ramp aligns with an open notch in the rear sight. The rear sight is often adjustable.
  • Aperture/Peep Sight: The rear component is a mechanism containing a peephole which aligns with the sight on the front ramp.
  • Telescopic Sight (Scope): A device that uses lenses to magnify the target and has markings for aiming contained within the device.

Most muzzleloader enthusiasts enjoy a nostalgic shooting experience, including shooting with an open sight. These shooters do not use telescopic sighting mechanisms. In many states, scopes are not permitted in muzzleloader shooting competitions or during muzzleloader hunting season.

Muzzleloader Peep Sight
Muzzleloader Open Sight
Muzzleloader Front Ramp of Open Sight
Muzzleloader Telescopic Sight
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