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  • Substitutes: Two of the many black powder substitutes are Pyrodex and Triple Seven. Both are available in granulated and pellet form. Use Pyrodex in volume equal to black powder; but when using Triple Seven, reduce your loads by 15%.
    • Pyrodex offers three different granulated black powder substitutes. Pyrodex P (for pistols) is the same size as FFFg black powder; RS (for rifles/shotguns) and Select (a variation of RS) are like FFg powder.
    • Granulated Triple Seven comes in FFg and FFFg sizes.
    • Loading procedures with substitutes may vary. Be sure to get loading instructions from a qualified gunsmith and your owner’s manual. Substitutes are not recommended for use in flintlock priming pans because they may not ignite from sparks as easily.
  • Black Powder Substitute Pellets: Propellant pellets contain a standard volume of black powder substitute. These pellets can be loaded behind conical bullets to replace the standard black powder. Pellets improve loading speed, firing speed, and shot consistency, and also eliminate wasted powder. These benefits make pellets popular with many shooters. Do not mix pellets with granulated powder. Pellets are designed to be used only in in-line muzzleloaders.
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