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Smokeless powders
  • Smokeless Powders: Don’t use modern-day smokeless powders in a muzzleloading firearm unless the firearm is designed specifically for its use. Smokeless powders create extremely high pressures and can cause serious injury. Always follow the manufacturers’ recommendations for the powder and your firearm. Whenever you’re in doubt, use black powder or a conventional substitute.
  • Storage: To protect against moisture, heat, sparks, and static electricity, store black powder and substitutes in their original containers with the size plainly labeled. Keep the container tightly sealed. Do not store powders in glass containers because glass can produce static electricity.
  • Measuring: Before loading a black powder product into a firearm, always measure it by volume and not by weight. Never load black powder directly from the container into the barrel. Use only a powder measure made from plastic, brass, or another approved material.