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Bows and Arrows

Course review and summary

To shoot a bow and arrow:

  • Stand at a right angle to the target with your feet approximately shoulder-width apart. You should feel comfortable and balanced.
  • Nock the arrow, then simultaneously raise the bow and draw the string back to your “anchor point.”
  • Aim and release the arrow by letting your fingers slip quickly away from the string. Never dry fire a bow.

HCourse review and summary

Before you go bowhunting, you should perfect your archery skills. This includes sighting-in and tuning your bow, practicing in a safe place with target points that match the broadheads you will use for bowhunting, and aiming at different types of targets such as stumps and 3-D animal targets.

Course review and summary

Learning to judge distances is a critical skill for bowhunters. Methods for judging distances include markers, subtending, and range finders.