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You must shoot and sight-in your crossbow using broadheads and arrowshafts identical to those you will be using for hunting.

  • Begin sighting-in by using identical weight practice points. Then attach the broadheads identical to those you will be hunting with to your arrows. Your point of impact with a broadhead may vary from your point of impact with identical weight target points. Therefore, it is a good idea to purchase a couple of extra broadheads just for this sighting-in purpose.
  • Remember to always use razor-sharp broadheads for hunting. If you must use the same broadheads for practice as well as hunting, remember to resharpen the blades or replace them prior to hunting.

When sighting-in, it is best to use some type of shooting bench or support for greater stability.

Layered, cube-style target
Layered, Cube-Style Target
This type of target works well for sighting-in a crossbow.