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Hunter-ed Reviews

Stay on target by studying the same content used in classroom courses.

All Hunter Ed content has been developed in conjunction with the state hunting safety agencies responsible for hunter education.

The leader in recreational safety education, Kalkomey is dedicated to providing state-specific printed and online educational products for use by the state agencies responsible for recreational safety education.

Whatever your sport, Kalkomey is the safety education expert.

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I can't say enough about this course! It is not easy or quick to do for a rookie like me BUT it was a great foundation! I really feel I have accomplished something...something very good in an entirely new world! The course was organized, well planned, and very clear to understand for a novice like me! Thanks so much! I look forward to the classroom portion where I can actually ask questions and have hands-on experience! My goal is to become a safe hunter who fully respects the rules and environment!

The Kalkomey Hunter Education Program was really a great course—the best I've ever taken online!

Just wanted to say that I took your course and it really did a great job preparing me for the 100 question exam for the AR hunter's education card. I only missed four on it and even the four I missed were things you covered in the course. Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you guys did in the training materials.

What great customer service!!! Hard to find these days.

On another note, the class program was fantastic; I'm a university student and have been stuck doing poorly thought out online assignments for the past four years, and this has been the only program which I not only didn't disdain with my entire being, but actually enjoyed. So thanks again.

Thanks for your help. I have spent about 25 years in education and training and I found your course to be very well done. Online courses are difficult to design but yours is effective, good quality education.

Thanks. By the way you guys are awesome with everything you do. The course was set up amazingly. Keep doing what you do cause it's incredible.

Thank you guys so much, you have been very helpful!

You just made it possible for a great young man to get to go hunting. We really appreciate you doing this. I realize that your office is not really a customer service office but this is better help than a person can expect in this day and age.

Your site has been great. I am a Marine and have had countless hours behind all sorts of weapons but the information I have received from your course has been irreplaceable. I thought it was gonna be a drag and boring but I have actually enjoyed the course very much.