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New South Wales Hunting Licence

How do I apply for my New South Wales R-Licence?

In New South Wales, you are required to complete mandatory training before qualifying to apply for an R-Licence.

  1. Log into Online Services on the DPI website
  2. Complete the online application form.
  3. Attach your R-Licence.
  4. Attach evidence of your Approved Hunting Organisation membership.
  5. Pay your licence fee.

About Your Accreditation

What is the proof of online course completion?

Once you pass and pay for the online course, you will be able to immediately print out or save the R-Licence Accreditation Form. This is your proof of online course completion. You can print the R-Licence Accreditation Form right then, and/or save it as a PDF. Your R-Licence Accreditation Form is not a licence and does not permit you to hunt on New South Wales public land.

Do I need to be a member of an Approved Hunting Organisation?

Yes. Before qualifying for an R-Licence, you must become a member of an Approved Hunting Organisation (AHO). You must also maintain your membership for your R-Licence to remain valid. There are close to 200 AHOs registered in NSW.

You will be asked to provide proof of your membership when you apply for your licence. More information can be found on the NSW DPI website.

When will I get my R-Licence card?

Applications for New South Wales Game Hunting Licences are processed within 20 working days (four weeks). The 20-day processing period starts when your application is received by the Game Licensing Unit. The time frame does not include the time taken for your application to be delivered to the GLU. If you are missing documents or other information that GLU needs to process your application, we will return it to you via normal postal delivery. The 20-day processing period is suspended when your application is sent back and resumes when we receive your revised application. When GLU has processed and approved your application, we send it to our licence provider. The provider only prints Game Hunting Licences once a week. The processing period ends when your licence has been sent from the GLU licence provider. GLU cannot estimate how long it will take for you will receive the licence after it is sent. Please allow extra time during peak periods.

Will I get an Interim R-Licence?

Once GLU has processed and approved your licence, you can print out an interim licence. You’ll receive an email containing a link to your interim licence so you must have a current email address. You may print and use the interim licence to hunt, until you receive your plastic licence card in the mail. The interim licence is only valid for 30 days; if you don’t receive your licence card before the interim expires, contact GLU customer service. Your security PIN will also be available so you can access online licence holder services immediately.

Special Conditions for People with Language and Learning Difficulties

In accordance with Section 22 of the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002 (the Act) a Game Hunting Licence may be granted unconditionally or subject to conditions. As consulted with you, and advised to you prior to the commencement of this course, your NSW Game Hunting Licence will be subject to the following additional conditions, if you decide to continue with the accreditation:

You must be accompanied by an R-Licence holder who is endorsed for the same hunting category you will be utilising whilst hunting on public land (i.e. firearms/shotguns, bows, blackpowder, dogs) and who also holds a valid written permission for the same area and the same time period. The accompanying R-Licence holder must be able to read the written permission conditions and associated maps when hunting on declared public land.

Prior to commencing hunting on any declared public land you must have the conditions of each written permission read to you by the accompanying R-Licence holder, and you must understand the conditions and the boundaries of your hunting area specified in the written permission.

Both you, and the accompanying R-Licence holder, must sign your written permission prior to commencing hunting on declared public land.

You must be under the direct, one on one supervision of the accompanying R-licence holder at all times while hunting on declared public land.

The accompanying R-licence holder must be over the age of 18 years.

These conditions are mandatory and are in addition to standard conditions currently attached to your licence. You must abide by all of these conditions when hunting in NSW.

Get Accredited Online!

New R-Licence applicants can take this New South Wales-approved course to qualify for a Restricted Game Hunting Licence. You must also complete the R-Licence catagories of your choice from section 2

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