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Every hunter needs to know the direction of the drive because hunters are presented with many unsafe shots. Hunters should be very familiar with the safe zones-of-fire mapped out in the plan for the deer drive. Regardless of the hunter’s role in a deer drive, the hunter should shoot at deer in only his or her safe zone-of-fire.

Drivers should stop every few yards to avoid forcing the deer to run from them. They should make the deer move slowly past the standers for an easy and safe shot. Shooting at a running deer is not likely to be successful. This practice should be discouraged.

Meanwhile, standers must remain motionless and watch closely for deer moving ahead of the drivers. As a stander, the only safe shot to take is after the deer has already passed you. The following are shots that should never be taken.

  • Never shoot at deer that are coming toward you. You are shooting in the direction of the drivers.
  • Never shoot at deer that are passing you. You are shooting in the direction of other standers.
Note how the standers’ safe zones-of-fire in these diagrams are all outside of the drive area.
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